Maximising Space:
Understanding the Size of a Tiny House in Malaysia

The concept of a tiny house is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, but what size is ideal for this compact living space? Typically, a tiny house in Malaysia is less than 500 square feet, with some as small as 100 square feet, and others up to 400 square feet. The size is determined by the needs and preferences of the owner, such as the number of people living in it and their lifestyle requirements.

Rumah Comel’s Tiny House Sizes

At Rumah Comel, we have 3 standard sizes for clients to choose from – 200 sq. ft, 400 sq. ft, and 800 sq. ft. The standard layouts are shown below. So, So, is it possible to a bigger sized tiny house on a smaller land? The answer is yes. Tiny houses in Malaysia are stackable, making them a flexible living solution for those with limited land. By constructing a two-story tiny house with 200 square feet living space on each floor, individuals can maximise their living space without taking up too much land. Furthermore, if needed, the tiny house can be easily moved to a different location.

Benefits Of Living in a Tiny House

One of the main benefits of living in a tiny house is the ability to maximise space. Multi-functional furniture, such as sofa beds and foldable tables, can be used to make the most of every inch of space. Additionally, vertical space can be utilised by installing shelves and cabinets that go up to the ceiling.

Living in a tiny house also encourages a minimalist lifestyle, where individuals focus on experiences rather than material possessions. With limited space for storing personal belongings, people can prioritise what is essential in their lives, reducing their carbon footprint, saving money, and living a simpler life.

While living in a tiny house can be rewarding, there are some challenges to consider, such as the lack of space. However, with careful planning and designing, a tiny house can be just as comfortable as a larger home. Individuals used to living in larger homes may need to adjust their habits to live comfortably in a tiny house, such as planning and organising cooking and cleaning in a small space.


Tiny houses in Malaysia typically range from 100 to 500 square feet, but their size is determined by the owner's needs and preferences. By making the most of the living space and embracing a minimalist lifestyle, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and live a simpler life.

If you are in search of a tiny house to initiate your modern and minimalistic lifestyle, do consider us, Rumah Comel, as we offer standard and customisable tiny houses that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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