Tiny House Malaysia:
Explore True Flexibility in Tiny House

In recent years, tiny houses have become a widely promoted, new, modern, and eco-friendly housing solution worldwide. The primary idea is that, instead of living large, more of us choose to live a simpler lifestyle by eliminating the unnecessary, enabling us to focus on what we really need. This is the reason why Rumah Comel exists; we hope to offer everyone the ability to afford a high-quality modular home without straining themselves in terms of time and money. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about Rumah Comel, including its features, materials used, and its pros and cons.

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Maximising Space:
Understanding the Size of a Tiny House in Malaysia

The concept of a tiny house is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, but what size is ideal for this compact living space? Typically, a tiny house in Malaysia is less than 500 square feet, with some as small as 100 square feet, and others up to 400 square feet. The size is determined by the needs and preferences of the owner, such as the number of people living in it and their lifestyle requirements.

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Rumah Comel by Solid Horizon
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