Tiny House Malaysia:
Things to Know About This Modern Living Concept

In recent years, tiny houses have become a widely promoted, new, modern, and eco-friendly housing solution worldwide. The primary idea is that, instead of living large, more of us choose to live a simpler lifestyle by eliminating the unnecessary, enabling us to focus on what we really need.

This is the reason why Rumah Comel exists; we hope to offer everyone the ability to afford a high-quality modular home without straining themselves in terms of time and money. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about Rumah Comel, including its features, materials used, and its pros and cons.

The Features of Tiny House

Quick-Build: Constructed and finished within 1 month due to its smaller size and simplified construction process.

Durable: Designed to be built with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a long time.

Mobile: Built based on modular concept, tiny house is highly mobile can be transported to different locations.

Eco-Friendly: It’s environmentally sustainable due to its smaller size, reduced resource consumption, and lower carbon footprint.

Building Materials of Rumah Comel
Main Frame
Steel Structures
External Wall
Wood Grain Cement Board
Internal Wall
Dry Wall Gypsum Board
Wall Covering
Wallpaper (Customisable)
UPVC Roofing
Plaster Ceiling
Floor Finish
Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Door & Window
Aluminium Glass

Now that we are aware of the features that a tiny house can offer, what materials are required to build Rumah Comel?

Now that we also get to know what materials are needed to build a Rumah Comel, what are the unique selling points of tiny houses and why have they gained such immense popularity worldwide? Also, what are the disadvantages they possess at the meanwhile?

The Pros of a Tiny House
  • Many Sizes Available: It comes in various sizes ranging from 200 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft., and you can even customize the size to accommodate your family's headcount and preferences.
  • Affordable: It’s more affordable than traditional home because it’s smaller in size, thus reducing material requirements.
  • Simpler Lifestyle: It encourages a simpler lifestyle by reducing the amount of space and possessions needed, leading to a more minimalistic lifestyle.
  • Relaxing: It provides a small, simple, and quiet place where you can focus on relaxing; it is the best way to escape daily noise and work-related stress.
  • Reduced Electricity Bill: Since tiny house is all about minimalism, it doesn’t require lots of furniture and electrical appliances, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Flexibility: It doesn’t require a deep foundation and can be placed on any empty land, which means you can have a Rumah Comel placed almost anywhere.
The Cons of a Tiny House
  • Loan Application: Unable to apply for a housing loan from the bank.
  • Higher Temperature: Tiny house is hotter because steel conducts heat much faster than other building materials (e.g., bricks).
  • Land Needed: Must own a land because the tiny house is still a landed asset.
  • Limited Capacity: Not suitable for medium and big families. However, you can still have a modular house in your backyard for your large family as well.

The information mentioned above provides a comprehensive understanding of tiny houses. Moreover, it’s worth noting that tiny houses serve various purposes beyond being a residence for families, such as homestays and guesthouses.

If you're considering building a tiny house, you can kickstart your sustainable living journey with us. At Rumah Comel, we are committed to being your ideal partner throughout this process.

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